School has resumed and campus is buzzing with energy. To kick off the school year we hosted our annual Link Crew Orientation on August 8th, the week before school started. 260 incoming 9th graders came to school and linked up with 40 upper class mentors. Students participated in team building activities, talked about classes and programs, and took a tour of campus. Link Crew is a great way to introduce our incoming 9th graders to high school.


The 2015-16 school year was a success. 229 students graduated on June 10th. We had a 92% graduation rate, an 11 point increase on the English Language Arts portion of the Smarter Balance Exam, and we successfully completed the first year of our Agriculture Preparatory Institute. These students completed three college courses throughout the course of the school year and summer school. Even though we are proud of last year’s accomplishments, we are excited about the challenges that 2016-17 bring. Our staff will focus on three main areas for the year, including:


  • Developing a comprehensive System of Assessments that are standards based.
  • Developing and implementing Effective Lessons and Delivery Techniques that will engage all students/learners.
  • Place heavy emphasis on further developing Math Skills in all students through extended math courses in 9th grade, implementation of standards based Eureka Math Curriculum, and implementation of the Math Project.


Throughout the year, teachers will be trained and collaborate to meet these three objectives also known as “The Focus 3,” all in an effort to improve student achievement.

Through a continuous focus on professional development, school improvement, and student achievement, I am confident the 2016-17 will be a good one where all students are educated and empowered for success.



Derek Cruz

Principal , Washington Union High School

Picture on Right: Link Crew greeting students as they walk on campus. Good job Link Crew and Advisors!

Picture on Right: Link Crew greeting students as they walk on campus. Good job Link Crew and Advisors!