Freshman Academy

The Freshman Academy provides a safe and supportive learning environment that fosters student academic achievement through self-awareness and personal responsibility, thereby equipping students with the skills to handle the social and emotional infrastructure of high school. Student, parent, and community engagement is encouraged and supported to provide students with overall success and a sense of civic responsibility.

John Hetherington

Learning Director

Priscilla Villalobos

Guidance Counselor

Angel Larios

Intervention Specialist

Jennifer Franco


Academy Goals

  • Facilitate a smooth transition for 8th grade students entering the 9th grade
  • Promote the importance of being   organized, developing study skills, setting goals, and being proactive.
  •  Inspire students to pursue academic excellence and the development of positive characteristics.
  • Increase the average GPA of freshmen.
  • Continue to maintain and recognize student academic achievement.
  • Increase the overall Algebra 1 and English 9 passing rate.
  • Increase school connectivity amongst staff, students, and parents.
  • Encourage freshmen to participate in both school and community related events that serve to promote generosity, personal growth, and community pride.
  • Improve attendance by decreasing absences and tardies.