Welcome Class of 2024!

Washington Union High School Pathway Selection

Dear Incoming Freshman,

We at Washington Union truly believe rigor, relevance, and relationships are the cornerstones of a quality comprehensive high school education. To support that, we will provide students the opportunity to participate in a Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathway. By joining a Pathway, students will build strong relationships with their teacher and cohorted students. Furthermore, by working in a CTE Pathway, students will participate in relevant learning experiences that will prepare them for college and/or a career.

A CTE Pathway is a sequence of two or more CTE courses within a student’s area of career interest. Pathways are designed to connect high school classes to college, industry certifications, and/or a career. While in high school, students will have the opportunity to acquire free technical skills training in the career field he/she is interested in. Students will learn valuable technical skills and “soft” skills making them employable regardless of the field of study they actually end up in.

You can read more about our Pathway programs by clicking on our Career Pathways Handbook or by visiting our Career Pathways website.

Be sure to complete all 3 steps below in order to choose your Pathway!


To Choose Your Pathway Complete All 3 Steps Below!

Step 1:

Watch the Welcome Video Above and review the Career Pathways Handbook.

Step 2:

Select Your Pathway by filling out this Google Form:

  Class of 2024 Pathway Selection

Step 3:

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